When You Consider Yourself A DIY Expert; Know Your Limits


Know that there is a huge difference between upcycling and putting a larger risk on your home. The thing to remember is that there should be a clear line between DIY projects and outsourced projects. Here is a quick list of the top three I put together to help you which category your project should fall under.



  • If it requires an inspection; have an expert handle the project. This way if any pat is not up to code or needs to be adjusted; the expert is responsible to do it, not you. The stress that you will be living without will be reason enough to use Truly Noble Services for any project such as that.
  • If the tools are more expensive than the repair that is being made it may be more cost effective to outsource the job. Chances are the expert already has the tools, and if not most stores will rent them to professionals before DIY persons.
  • When heavy machinery is involved leave it to the professionals. Attempting to rent a trench digger or a backhoe is nearly impossible and if you do rent one it is extremely expensive. Call the professionals and let them contact their suppliers and get the job done for you.


If all else fails and you are still not sure give us a call. Truly Noble Services offers free estimates, a complete flooring showroom, and very service imaginable from the ‘Foundation to the Roof’ of a home!


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