What You Need To Know About Caring For Your Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Maintenance is absolutely simple when it comes to sheet vinyl. You can sweep, mop, and even vacuum this specialized flooring on a daily basis. When mopping just use a microfiber or cloth mop with warm water and a very mild cleaner. You will surprise yourself at how easy the floors are to clean!

Remember when you are mopping to mop with the grain of the vinyl. This will ensure dirt does not get trapped in any grooves. Do not soak your new sheet vinyl flooring and try not to use any abrasive cleaners on it.

Make certain to wipe up stains as soon they happen to avoid your new sheet vinyl from becoming stained or even becoming a slip and fall hazard.

Lastly, remember that there is no need for floor wax, bleach, or even ammonia. With a regular and diligent cleaning your sheet vinyl will look spectacular for years to come!


Truly Noble Services, Inc. is proud to be a supplier of the Flexitec Lines by IVC US. If you are interested in one of the many lines of Flexitec we have available come visit our Garland showroom at 2909 Broadway Blvd, Garland, Tx 75041.

Once you visit us and pick out a few samples to take home and compare, we will be happy to dispatch one of our specialists to measure your area and provide you a free quote for sheet vinyl, installation, and warranty.


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