What would you think is highly valued amongst your employer?

6-3-16 carissaIs it teamwork, respect, appearance, or attendance? You might be surprised to find that attendance is ranked at the top of the list. Poor attendance from employees can affect a company in much more ways than one.

  • Missing work, coming in late, and leaving early negatively affect your co-workers. After all who do you think has to pick up the slack when you are not there? In actuality habitual lateness and absences can actually negatively affect production and the reputation of the company. Poor attendance can also cause strife between co-workers.
  • Executives and managers alike create staffing plans and when one of the wheels is missing on that plan it throws the entire company vehicle off balance. Poor attendance will end in ineffective employees and in the end it will cost more for the company to replace and retrain an employee. However, employers are finding it more economically feasible to do this rather than to continue to allow a habitual attendance offender to work.
  • Attendance issues are generally only the starting point. It is safe to say that when an employee has attendance issues they also entertain other work ethic fails. It may begin with attendance and spiral into dependability, responsibility, and failure to achieve common company goals.

Truly Noble Services, Inc. is proud to announce we had an employee in our midst this month that had perfect attendance. She was openly recognized and rewarded for not calling in, coming in late, and for not leaving early.

Carissa Roza, Maintenance Coordinator, has been with Truly Noble for a year now and has truly shined during this time! Her attention to detail, organization, and teamwork are only the tip of the iceberg. Her attendance has simply set her apart this month. To show our appreciation Carissa was awarded a gift bag of goodies and a gift card for a meal out!

Keep up the good work; Everyone! You never know what may happen next month!



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