What to Know Before You Sign!

Speaking as a contractor; the bottom line is to get your signature on the dotted line. For many it is not even about craftsmanship, it is about numbers. Those are the contractors to avoid. Make certain you have asked for references from friends and family members, picked a favorite or two, and have even conducted an online search. Even then, you may not be certain as to who you want to do your work and be in or around your home. There are a few very important points to keep in mind when you are at this state of your project.

  1. That is not the only contractor in town! Local does not mean the best and vice versa. Make sure you meet with at least three meeting with potential contractors. Make them individual meetings, not a group walk through. Provide each potential contractor with the same project details and do the same walk through with each.
  2. Ask the contractor if they will be using subcontractors for the work. If they will be ask for the information for the foreman of the crew. Make certain you have the names and contact numbers for any person on your property. You need to protect your home and family and make certain you are comfortable with them on your property. If the contractor refuses this information; move on.
  3. Huge deposits are not necessary; and any deposits paid should be done on a credit card. Generally a contractor will request 50% up front and then the other 50% upon completion. This is not an unusual request, so be prepared for it. The reason you pay on a credit card is if that job goes south you can place a discretionary hold on that deposit until things are ironed out.


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