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You work hard for your money and do not want to throw it away month after month. Detecting a slab leak early could save you thousands. But what is a slab leak? It is a leak that occurs under the slab of your home within the existing waterline piping. There is a misconception that slab leaks only happen to older structures; this is simply not true. Slab leaks also known as foundation leaks, can occur in any structure whether it be new or old.

Signs That You Might Have a Slab Leak:

  • The most common complaint is the sound of running water when all of the faucets are turned off.
  • Hot spots or cracks on the walls or floors.
  • Mildew, mold, or even moisture on baseboards and flooring.
  • If the water level in the pool continuously falls below the acceptable level.
  • Watch the bill! This is when many homeowners find there is a problem. The rise in the water bill when there has not been a rise in water usage.

Causes of a Slab Leak:

  • Shifting of the ground. Caused either by the weight of the structure on the slab or even by earthquakes.
  • Water lines being damaged by during repair or during an install. This may not be an immediate leak; it may become a leak over time due to temperature changes.
  • When the hot water pipes are not properly wrapped when installed the exposure will cause slab leaks.
  • Electrolysis; a fancy word for a bad relationship between copper piping and soil. Copper corrodes easily and can cause slab leaks.



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