What is the Most Underutilized Tool in your Business?

You May Think You Already Know, Think Again.


Frederick Douglass was a very wise socialreformist that died shortly after he turned 78 years old. Before his death he effected the livelihood of thousands that heard him speak, read his book, and even those that came in personal contact with him. One of his most famous quotes read, ‘If there is no struggle, there is no progress’.

How true this statement is in today’s working world? We can all relate, change is inevitable in the office.

Some individuals actually think that having a more stressful atmosphere is more productive! Whether you are employed in Arkansas, Alabama, or even Texas; this is just not true. If you are in an office such as this, how do you hold your composure and do it gracefully? If you are still reading this then you are probably looking for new ideas on exactly how to do that. Good start, here are a few suggestions that have worked for thousands before you that are and have been in the same position.

  • Meditation recordings are great! These short 10 minute meditations can be found online through a very simple search within your search engine.
  • Take a buddy on breaks! All companies have to offer breaks, do not skip these. In fact, take a buddy and take a walk. Walk through the corridors, the hallways, or even walk around the building. Anything to clear your mind. One rule; do Not discuss your work! Remember, you are on break. A break is otherwise known as, your time.
  • Do not underestimate your breathing patterns. Deep breathing can most definitely calm both your inner self and your outer self at the same time. Step away from your work station and find a quiet place; even a bathroom will do! Close your eyes, smile, and just breath. Breath as deeply as you can, filling your lungs to capacity. Imagine that you are outside of your own body and you are flushing out all of the stress and tension. Give this a good 90 seconds and then go back to work, a new you!
  • Shorten your To-Do list! Everyone has lengthy To-Do lists, no matter their placement in a company. Take the time to sit down and check some of those tasks off of your list. There is literally nothing more satisfying to an overworked person than actually seeing their To-Do list shrinking.
  • Get Wet! By this I mean to step away from your desk and drink a full glass of water. Splash some water on your face and get moving. Use warm water if you just want to relax and regroup and use cold water if you a little wakeup call!

The employees at Truly Noble Services, Inc. know for certain that one thing to remember…

and that is your health and livelihood should not be governed by the position you hold at your job. Your health and livelihood are only controlled by you, your actions, and your reactions. Do not forget to have fun in your position and make your workplace as lighthearted and cheerful as possible. Remembering that no matter what, fun is the most underutilized tool in the business world today.


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