Watch For the Warning Signs That You Need a Sewer Pipe Cleaning

Your sewer lines are one of those items that are ‘out of sight, out of mind’ when it comes to home maintenance. There a few points to watch for and a few preventative measures that you can take in order to ensure you are not on the fast track for a more serious service.

  • Age: if your sewer is more than 40 years old it may need replacing since it may be connected to even older piping.
  • Misconception: trees do not infiltrate the sewer. They are drawn to the cracked or broken pipes that are providing them with the vital water that they are searching for. This is especially true in Texas when the drought like conditions hit.
  • Routing: If roots have already sought out your pipes have them routed out before your sewer is backed up again. The longer you wait the larger problem you will be faced with.
  • Reputation: make certain you hire a reputable company to not only perform the sewer camera inspection but to also perform the repair or replacement.

As with any other vital system in a home, there are preventative measures that can be implemented in order to keep them at peak performance.

  • Cooking grease, coffee grinds, and hair do not belong in a drain for disposal. Pour your grease in an old coffee can of cardboard milk container. Once cooled off it can be thrown in the trash. Coffee grounds should be thrown in the trash or even added to your garden! Hair is trickier but can be kept from drains by using a metal grate over the drain to catch it.
  • Clean those drains by flushing hot water through them after brushing teeth, washing hands or face, and after washing dishes.
  • Vinegar cleans like a champ! Pouring one cup of vinegar in the drain and allowing it to sit there for approximately 30 minutes will provide you with cleaner pipes with much less organic residue and build up.
  • For a potential clog that is growing larger put salt and baking soda in the drain. When you add vinegar it will foam and cause a cleaning phenomenon that will clear your drain as you run hot water through it.

You can contact our office to schedule a pipe inspection either on the phone or on the web. Our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to take your information and schedule a time that is convenient for you.

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