Truly Noble Services, Inc. Focuses on the Military

VA logoTruly Noble Services, Inc. Focuses on the Military

Garland, Tx: Truly Noble Services, Inc. has successfully placed eight dedicated military families into newly renovated military donation homes within the past year and a half. Each of these military donation properties are closely monitored by a dedicated supervisor in order to ensure every aspect of the renovation is completed. This also ensures all health and safety measures are met prior to handing over the keys to the families.

Since Truly Noble Services, Inc. is a Veteran Owned and Operated business it is important that they give back and help fellow military families. Military representatives are so passionate about everything they do, including giving back, they are truly deserving of a place to finally call home. Even under extraordinary circumstances, military families tend to be unconditionally strong. Could they make it happen without the assistance of Truly Noble contractors? Sure. But why should they?

Both James Easley the CEO and Randy Cecil the president of Truly Noble realize how resilient military families need to be. Between multiple deployments, moves, career changes, school transfers for the children, and often times a decade or more of war time; it is about time they have a place to call their own. There is something about having a ‘home’ and not just a ‘residence’.

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