Top 3 Reasons for Electrical Fires

Electrical fire statistics sky rocket in the colder months, the holiday months. This is mainly due to the rise in use of heating appliances and holiday lighting. While those lights on your home look beautiful they are also a severe hazard of not handled appropriately.

Here is a disturbing fact; most fatalities due to fires occur when the fire begins in the main living area of the home, however the victim is in the bedroom. This is from leaving celebratory lighting plugged in and turned on throughout the entire night.  Keeping trees lit and power outlets overloaded is a recipe for disaster. Often times these issues can be avoided entirely. It is important to begin with electrical safety and even a heavy dose of common sense.

Top 3 Reasons for Electrical Fires:

*Overloaded Electrical Outlet

#3: Over Loaded Outlets

Electrical systems are not designed to consistently uphold to the increased demand during the holiday season. Remember to never overload an outlet. This means not to piggy back or use extra appliances with extension cords. Never use a major appliance on an extension cord such as a refrigerator or stove.

#2: Space Heaters

If you find yourself in a position where you must use a space heater try to use a radiator heater that distributes the heat over the complete surface of the heater. This will help curb the yearning for it to cause ignition if next to flammable material such as curtains. Never plug a space heater into an extension cord; always plug it into the wall socket itself.

#1: Holiday Lighting

Holiday lighting is a huge hazard in your home. From trees, windows, ceiling, and your yard; your electrical cords are being pushed to the absolute limit. Make certain not to plug an extension cord into an extension cord and so on and so on. direct linking the cords is much safer than running another set off of lights that are already straining the entire outlet and unit. Always turn off and unplug lights when going to bed. These lighting systems are not designed to stay on 24/7.




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