There Are Many Questions When Remnants Are Involved

rollsWhat are remnants anyway and why should you buy them? Simply put; a remnant is a smaller roll of carpet that has already been cut from and it is being sold as is so that the seller is not losing money having it sit in their warehouse. Remnants are often times marked down significantly in order to move them out quickly and make room for more rolls of newer carpeting.

Is it really a deal or are you setting the deck against yourself?

  • Too often times people think that the word remnant is referring to what is left over; scrap. Perhaps in some cases they feel that the word ‘remnant’ refers to what a customer has already paid for and that the seller is actually making a double profit. Not speaking for the fly-by-night shady remnant dealers but rather for the stores similar to Truly Noble Services who take pride in their flooring showroom, always have huge amounts of carpet in stock, and are always eager to show a customer around. This is simply untrue.

One of the major advantages of buying remnant carpet is the wait; or lack of it. At any point in time a customer can walk into a showroom and browse the remnants. Once finding one they love they can pay and leave with it that day. No waiting on special orders. No waiting on the warehouse employees to cut if off the roll for you. Buying remnant is definitely quick, easy, and stress free.

For information regarding the remnants available for purchase from Truly Noble Services, Inc. please contact Caroline Burgin at 214-882-8887. She will be able to help you with the availability in all of our warehouses; Kenner LA, Cabot AR, Oklahoma City OK, and Garland TX.

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Written By: Kristina Riggs | KristinaWrites

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