Security Measures Are In Place To Help Not Hinder!

Are you familiar with the security practices in effect at your work place? You might be surprised by some of them. You may even question them. However, whatever you do don’t disregard them. They are in place for a key L

Have you ever read the side of a shampoo bottle? It explains to us precisely how to wash our hair. The instructions direct us to wet, lather, rinse, and repeat if necessary. No, we don’t read it every single time because after the first time, we just know. We all need to get into the same practice when it comes to security in the work place.

#1 most necessary security measure to follow in any company:

  • Lock your Computer: This should never be an option. If you work on a computer, laptop, tablet, or phone; they belong to the company and should be treated with the upmost care. When you are done using it or step away, lock it! While using a Windows system it is simple. Press the [windows key] flag button and the letter L at the same time. This will automatically lock it. You can also choose to press ctrl-alt-del at the same time and choose ‘lock this computer’. Another option is to go to your desktop, right click and choose ‘personalize’, from there go to screen saver and set your wait time to 1-3 minute while putting a check mark in the box that reads ‘on resume, display logon screen’.

o    This keeps any unauthorized emails from being sent from your account.

o    Keeps your files safe. They cannot be tampered with or deleted if your system is locked.

o    Protects confidential data from being accessed or downloaded.

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