Proven Techniques to Gain Confidence and Conquer Your Fears

People are not born confident. Despite popular demand, confidence is something that you have to work at on a daily basis. Confidence is the one thing that determines whether someone will be that unstoppable and unforgettable person or if they will be that one that is scared of what others will think of them. Mentally you need to continue to work on your confidence level and here are a few ideas to help keep you on track.

  • Think of Others: it is so easy for us to be so consumed in ourselves that we forget about everyone else. And ultimately when you think of other people it will make you feel better about yourself and your own contributions. There is no better way to boost your own confidence than to contribute to the happiness of others. That might mean serve at a soup kitchen, volunteer, or do a fun run or a walk to benefit an organization.
  • Get off your Butt: do not sleep in, get out of bed and get to the gym to start your day off right! A person who is overweight and out of shape will ultimately feel insecure about themselves. So make a conscience effort to hit the gym and work on that temple that was awarded to you at birth. Not to mention that when you work out first thing in the morning it releases all of those positive endorphins that will linger on for the rest of the entire day.

The more confidence you exude the easier it will be for you to conquer your fears. But first of all you have to know what your fears are. And the basic and generic sayings that people offer up to explain what they are afraid of do not count. Like the saying; ‘I am afraid of everything’. That is simply not true. Here are a few options to try to conquer your fears.

  • Positive thinking: it is proven time and time again that thinking positive will only make you embrace positive thoughts. The more positive thoughts that you bottle up inside of you the less room there is for negativity, and fear is bred in the midst of negativity.
  • Confrontation is Good Here: the true way to beat fear is to drive right through it. Address it, stand up to it, and confront it. If your fear is speaking in front of people, then make a point to go to karaoke or a poem reading in a small venue. If your fear is large crowds, then go to a sports event with a friend or two in order to make it more comfortable for yourself. It may be a slow process, but confrontation in this atmosphere will help you conquer any fear you have.

I know this is only 4 examples on two pretty deep topics, but they are the most important. As you work on just these few you will begin to find your own ways to gain confidence or conquer your fears. Then you will realize how silly it was to have any issue at all with either one in the first place. All you need to know no matter what is that you are worth putting forth some effort in so you feel better about yourself!

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