Proper Etiquette will make your Repair go Smoothly

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The investment of a new roof can be a very satisfying feeling when you are a homeowner. However, it can be a very stressful time for your neighbors. Between workers bringing deliveries into the neighborhood, the heightened traffic, and do not forget about the noise; a Garland neighborhood can become agitated very quickly with your new found property enhancement. Here are some guidelines for friendly neighborhood etiquette to make your repair go smoothly from beginning to end.


  1. Make a List: Get schedules in order, know when products will be delivered, and how long they will be on your property. Make certain that all Garland general contractors on your property are aware of the working hours of your neighborhood. Generally that is Monday thru Friday 9am-5pm, Sat not until after 10am, and no work on Sunday.
  2. Contact your Neighbors: Call them directly, visit door to door, post on a neighborhood web chat board, or send a friendly postcard. However you choose to notify them all, notify them personally. Give them the timeline for the job and be sure to recognize that not every neighbor will be receptive to your new roof. Remember, you cannot make everyone happy all of the time.
  3. Garbage or Debris: Make it a point to ensure all Garland general contractors pick up and remove all debris at the end of each working day. It may benefit everyone involved to have a dumpster delivered to your property in order to contain the debris. When having a dumpster delivered make certain it is delivered onto your property only.
  4. Unwanted Traffic: Traffic will be heavier and inevitable. Ask that all Garland general contractors park as close to your property as possible. Have them park on your side of the street and ensure they are not blocking or clogging the street in any way.
  5. Thank You: Once your new roof project is complete thank your neighbors. Just as you notified them; thank them. Thank them for their patience and even invite them over for a small peace offering of drinks and camaraderie.


You have already made a great decision by choosing Truly Noble Services, Inc. to service your new roofing project; now better that decision by implementing these tips to make it a smooth endeavor.


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