New Year’s Resolution: Cut Energy Use!

With all of these New Year’s Resolutions to benefit friends and family flying around make sure you are putting the health of your home in the forefront as well! The largest resolution for your home this year should center on how to cut energy use. Your home will suck every bit of energy out of it like a growing teenager! Make clear guidelines and stick to them; just as you would with your teen.


Heating and Cooling System: Make sure you have your ductwork sealed and insulated. This simple task can improve the efficiency of your system by at least 15% possibly more. For those hard to find ducts in attics, ceilings, and even crawl spaces make certain to use mastic and not duct tape. You will notice the difference right away; mastic is black and duct tape is grey. After the sealing of the duct work is complete the ducts then need to be insulated with fiberglass insulation. This is the pink insulation that comes in rolls to be wrapped around the actual ducts.


This is a pretty steep task for DIY gurus so do not hesitate to contact your local Garland general contractor to handle the chore for you. A professional Garland home repair service such as Truly Noble Services, Inc. will be happy to take on this task for you.


Remember; by insulating your ducts it may very well qualify you for a rebate from your state and or local municipality. Make certain to check with the city office beforehand in order to make sure all stipulations are adhered to in order to receive your rebate.


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