Myth Versus Truth: Roofing

16796869_sTexas is notorious for hail and hail damage. This of course can lead to expensive insurance claims. Determining whether you have hail damage should really be left to the experts at Truly Noble Services. There are so many myths out there that homeowners believe when in actuality there could be more damage than ever expected. An experienced inspector is truly the best way to go when it comes to protecting you and your investment. Below are some of the most popular myths floating around out there when it comes to roofing.


  • A homeowner believes everything is okay because they already ‘looked at it’ and it did not seem to be damaged.
    • The fact is that many issues can be missed if you are not trained specifically to look for problem areas.
  • A homeowner believes they must be okay since there are no missing shingles.
    • The fact is that roofing contractors are experienced enough to realize that missing shingles generally occur during a wind storm. The actual damage from hail may go unnoticed for years.
  • A homeowner may think that since they have only a minimal amount of gaf shingle damage they do not need to file an insurance claim.
    • The fact is even a small amount of damage should be filed and repaired with as little down time as possible.


Truly Noble Services, Inc. recommends that you contact the office prior to contacting your insurance company. Our experienced contractors will be able to determine whether there is damage or not and if so, just exactly how much.


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