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What do you consider a reasonable fee to pay for a home improvement? One thousand, two thousand, five thousand dollars; maybe more depending on the improvement. How about some ideas that are $250 or less? You do not want to have to put a ton of money into your home to increase the selling value of the home description. That is directly defeating the intended purpose, to make a profit on the home when sold. Here are a few tips to increase the value of your home while only spending a minimal amount.

  • Invite a professional to walk your home with you to offer suggestions on minor changes. Quite often there are basic changes that can be made to make a huge difference. Maybe a color change or painting an accent wall, even rearranging some furniture or downsizing clutter can make a huge impact. Most times professionals will do this for free to offer advice.
  • Hire an professional to walk your property and specifically look for those items that are unseen. Finding a minor issue and repairing it before it becomes a major issue will save time, energy, and money!
  • Painting can go a long way! By purchasing a can of $25 paint, you can make an accent wall pop or give clarity between rooms. Painting offers a cheap and yet effective way to say your home is clean, updated, and worth every penny of the asking price.
  • Consider your landscaping when you are putting your home on the market. Planting mature trees, shade tree, or even securing a natural habitat for small wildlife can bring much curb appeal to your home. Make certain to plant landscaping that can and will mature with the home and the environment.
  • Homebuyers love perks, so make certain that you deliver. Install a water filtration system that will allow you to save on buying bottled water and yet it will attract the attention of potential buyers. Home buyers are looking specifically for items in your home they either currently do not have or desperately want.


Does this seem like a lot to remember, or a lot to implement? Do not worry; Truly Noble Services, Inc. can help you with every aspect of this. From the walk through of your home to the painting and landscaping; we are here to help you! Call our office at your earliest convenience and ask about scheduling: 972-272-2455 or 855-898-2455 and ask for our retail department.

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