Inspect Your Roof Annually


roof inspections

Protecting and maintaining a huge investment such as your home should be at the top of your priority list. You do not want to put off or forget about the annual inspection of your roof. Set a reminder on your calendar to go out on a nice warm day and take a very detailed account of your roofing issues.

Make certain you check the flashing thoroughly. If there is cracked caulk or rust on the flashing you will definitely need to perform some maintenance there. Check your shingles to make sure none of them are cracked, curling, blistering, buckling, broken, and or worn. Monitoring your vent pipes and chimney caps are important as well. Watch for cracked or worn out boots on the pipes and any damaged or even missing chimney caps. Lastly, look for moss on your shingles. This is a sign that there is most definitely decay growing underneath!

While up on that ladder checking your roof, make sure you pay attention to your gutters. If you notice grit from your shingles in the pans of the gutters that is a sign that your roof is no longer being protected from the harmful rays of the sun! This is when you need to check on the age of your roof and consider a replacement.

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