How to Build a Privacy Fence

There are 5 Basic Steps in Order to Build a Privacy Fence

When you finally make the decision to learn exactly how to build a privacy fence the real fun begins. The research! Some people think it is literally too difficult and not worth the hassle to learn how to do it themselves, that is why they hire out a general contractor to do it for them. But, realizing that you can be your own general contractor at times can be fun. In some cases it can be a very rewarding family project! build a privacy fence

The first step and in many cases one of the most important is the location. You have to mark and locate your actual property line, according to your city guidelines. This is the time when you may have to consult your property plans in order to find the exact property line and then mark your set back location. Marking where the corner posts are to go with a brightly colored spray paint is a great idea. The space between the posts should be even and under 8 feet! If you space them any more than that it can make your end result unstable and prone to falling or leaning.

A Few More Steps and You will Know How to Build a Privacy Fence

Secondly; get those posts set! Usually a post hole digger for this is an excellent time saver. Dig the hole approximately 24” deep and around 10” wide. Once the holes are dug, you are well on your way to learning how to build a privacy fence. So now you can pour a bit of pea gravel in the bottom for water drainage and make sure everything is level. Mix the cement and pour into the holes then insert the posts. Make sure they are level as well and let it cure for about 2 days.

Third step is to attach your railing. This might seem a little more complicated, but really it is not. The rail pieces are generally 5/4” deck boards, usually the same as the picket boards. You will want to measure twice for this step before anything is cut or installed. You will need to measure 22” up from the ground and 22” down from the top for proper strength. When you attach the rails make certain you use 2” galvanized decking screws. These will resist rust more than any other screw.

You are Almost an Expert on How to Build a Privacy Fence

The fourth step is where you will really see the most progress. This is where you determine how many pickets you will need, make certain all the boards are cut to the same 6’ length and if you want a decorative top make those cuts now as well.

Lastly, you are now ready to attach your pickets to the rails you installed in the previous step. Have you noticed yet just how easy it is to build a privacy fence when the directions are clear cut and layed out in front of you? Center the pickets, one at a time, and attach them using a nail gun. The nail gun will make it a faster process and much easier to align them. To make certain that the pickets are spaced consistently use a preselected picket to set next to the original one on already attached to the railing. Use this preselected picket as your guide.

Have fun with this DIY project! Get your friends and family involved. Turn it into a learning project; where team bonding, communication, and working together are the strong suits. With the end result being not only the fact that you just learned how to build a privacy fence, but a great looking one that is superior in stability!



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