Get Rid Of Freezing Feet Once And For All

feet-on-floor-300x200When upgrading your home deciding on heated floors is a huge investment, both on a financial level and an aesthetics level. There are some things to keep in mind however before that hardwood or tile floor is installed. Despite the fact that you will immediately enjoy a few benefits of having a heated floor installed like never having a problem stain on your carpet again. You will be relieved to eliminate your feet hitting the freezing cold floor first thing in the morning on a cold winter day!

Besides the largest benefit of the electric and heating bills being lessened by having the heated floors installed here are a few additional points to keep in mind.

3 Systems; All Different:

Heated floors can work in one of three ways; either by using heated water, heated air, or even electricity. Out of these three the heated air is actually the least energy efficient. Many homeowners that have large areas to heat opt for the heated water due to the fact it if most efficient handling larger areas. Lastly, the hike in electrical costs has put electrically heated flooring systems at the bottom of the list. They are the most expensive to maintain.

Radiant Floors for Every Room:

While having heated floors in the bedrooms are always welcomed, that is not the only room they are welcome in. Heated floors are actually superiorly beneficial in kitchen and the restrooms as well. Basically wherever there is hardwood or tile floors, radiant floors can be as well. Keep in mind that heated floors are not only for new construction, but can also be installed in any home. The great thing is that regardless of the age of the home, radiant floors can be a benefit, not a hindrance.

Opt In To Being Allergen Free:

The average ac and heating repair services will tell you that heating systems will simply gather dust and distribute it to another part of your home. If that is not bad enough it will then get into the ducts and spread through every crack and crevice of your home. Basically the heated air begins contaminating the entire home from top to bottom. This in turn will irritate anyone suffering from asthma. Radiant floors do not even begin to distribute heat through the vents. Therefore these floors are actually a healthy option for those suffering from breathing issues.


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