Five Tips to Achieve a Dirt-Free Carpet

The carpet you choose for your home may very well be one of the most costly and highly thought out purchases for your entire home. It generally only comes in second to your wall or window coverings. Below you will find several tips to keep your carpets looking great in between those essential seasonal carpet cleaning appointments.

  • The height of your vacuum is critical. To determine the appropriate height of your vacuum set it at the highest setting and turn the vacuum on. While it is running adjust the height setting lower and lower until the vacuum feels as though it is trying to move itself forward find out this here. The moment you feel this tugging sensation, stop adjusting. Your vacuum is at the ideal height for a proper vacuum.
  • Vacuum frequently. Vacuuming frequently will help minimize the oily residue buildup in your carpet fibers. Remember oily residue only attracts oilier residue. The high traffic area such as the entrances should be vacuumed twice a week. While the main carpeting will be fine with a weekly vacuum.
  • Clean filters on bagless vacuums and make sure the bag is not full on the generalized vacuums. Using a vacuum with a dirty filter or full bag will cut the suction power in half. With half suction power being a generous estimate.
  • Make sure you are vacuuming at the right speed. Do not go to fast and make your efforts mean nothing. Making several slower passes will collect more dirt and debris than making one fast pass. In high traffic areas that receive the regular services of a professional carpet shampooer be certain to make several slower passes in order to help maintain the quality of the carpet.
  • Use indoor and outdoor mats. In order to protect your investment. Use outdoor mats in front of your doors to remove soil and debris from shoes. By using water absorbent mats inside it will assist in keeping water off of your carpets as well.

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