Excited About Selling On Amazon Local Services!

pic for car cleaning for amazonTruly Noble Services is excited to announce our full involvement with the Amazon Local Services portion of Amazon. Now when you are shopping on Amazon you can order our services to not only save you time, but tons of money!

On your account page in Amazon you will be able to locate our account in order to see what services we are currently offering, and how our price compares to our competitors. This helps you ensure you are receiving the best deal! Not only that; you are able to order, schedule, and confirm that your order is being processed from the privacy of your home. Once your appointment has been scheduled you will be sent a confirmation of appointment.

What makes this even cooler is the fact that you verify the service is completed to your satisfaction before the technician even leaves your home! Once service is rendered you will be asked to submit a ‘Proof of Appointment’ on the technician’s phone or tablet. When you do this it will ask you three review type questions and then you have an option to enter comments. After that you simply sign your name on the phone or tablet and Bam! You are done. Your account is debited the money, and Truly Noble Services is on their way to the next customer’s home.

Rest assured that every technician that steps into your home has received not only a background for Truly Noble Services, but also a secondary check for Amazon which will include personal and business background checks. Your safety and security are of upmost importance to us.

Truly Noble Services, Inc. is currently a 5 star vendor on Amazon and offers 59 services to date! We are intending on growing with Amazon and we want to offer our savings to our neighbors as well. To go directly to our Amazon profile click the link below and start saving!




Truly Noble Services, Inc | 972-272-2455

Written by: Kristina Riggs | KristinaWrites

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