Ever Considered Allowing Truly Noble Services, Inc. to Recycle More Than Your Trash?

Here Are Four Steps From Truly Noble Services, Inc. On How To Recycle truly noble services, inc.Your Kitchen!

Recycling is not easy, but neither is a remodeling project. So if you are taking the initiative to dive into a remodel, then take those extra minutes here or there to keep as much as you can out of the local landfills! There are certain items such as appliances and counter tops that non-profit agencies would be so pleased to take off of your hands.

Truly Noble Services, Inc. offers the option of recycling a demolition

within your kitchen if this is something you are interested in. Not only are you getting a little dirty yourself with helping out through the demo process, you are also helping to decide what to recycle and reuse and what to send to the landfill. Doing it this way will take your landfill donation down quite a few notches, which is what we all want!


When it comes to who you should hire, it is a sensitive situation. Some cities require the demo company be a ‘green certified’ company. If that is the case than Truly Noble Services, Inc. is more than happy to help you! By having a professional handle it for you then you can rest assured that it is all handled appropriately. Keep in mind that you must check and double check on permits, and do not forget to check on the permit down payment policy as well. In many areas, it is non-refundable.


Money is a huge concern with any renovation project, allow Truly Noble Services, Inc.

to help and a demo job should be a breeze. A ‘green demolition’ can be quite a bit more than an average demolition. In many cases it can be upwards of $10K. While that may seem like a huge difference it can easily be offset by saving on the landfill costs and getting the tax right offs from the donated pieces as well. Truly Noble Services, Inc. will help direct you in certain directions to save as much as possible.


Make project considerations before you agree to recycle your materials. Some organizations will only take items if they are still fully intact, others will take items that have been broken down already. The most common items that are recycled are: appliances, cabinets, metals such as steel, copper, or brass, fixtures and hardware, doors, and the interior furnishings. Once you make a list of the initial donated products, do a secondary walk through. This way nothing is missed.


Start making your connections approximately two weeks prior to the actual demolition. This way everything is fresh on the minds of the organizations receiving the merchandise. Believe it or not in many cases these recycled pieces are already a part of a plan for a renovation of a home for someone else. The Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, and Truly Noble Services, Inc. plan on continuing their work together to keep as much as possible out of the landfills!


To contact a demolition specialist please contact Truly Noble Services, Inc. at 972-272-2455 or toll free 855-898-2455. Or on the web at http://trulynobleservices.com/



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