Easley and Cecil with the Bush Family

james-and-randy-with-bushJames Easley, CEO of Truly Noble Services, Inc. was invited as a guest speaker at the Five Star Conference. The topic was 203k loans and how beneficial they are as well as what a great option it is for homebuyers that are interested in a home that needs repairs. Mr. Easley pointed out a multitude of benefits a 203K loan has to offer including the point that a homebuyer needs less upfront cash. In addition, the homebuyer literally can customize their home to their specifications – literally renovating the home of their dreams.

Mr. Easley shared as a reference point, a specific project in Jackson, Mississippi that was headed by contractors of Truly Noble. It had an average total of $150,000 and it was closed in only 36 days. This is proof that the 203K loan is an excellent option. Easley lets everyone in on the answer to making the 203K a quicker process. Having a good lender on the side of the homebuyer, knowing the 203K product through and through, and making certain that the buyer is educated every step of the way.

In closing, Mr. Easley stated that 203K projects are on the rise and they are indeed a huge ground floor event for any industry that was in attendance at the 2014 Five Star Conference. In fact if it is statistics that drive you, since 2007 to August 2014, 203K projects have experienced a 600% growth!

Truly Noble Services, Inc.: individualizes property repairs throughout all aspects of the industry standards. Truly Noble is a full service general contractor who takes on full kitchen and home remodels or makeovers to minor handy man repairs all the way to new home construction.

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