Do You Have A Toilet That Runs Constantly; Fix It Yourself!


Owning a home can prove to be a very cumbersome upheaval if you are not aware of some of the lifesaving hacks to relieve yourself of plenty of stress! When it comes to holiday weekends and the family being over there is no time for plumbing issues. If your toilet is running constantly do you know how to fix it? Not jiggling the handle for temporary relief; but actually fixing the problem?

This problem costs you money and some undo pressure from family. You do not want your uncle Bill to ‘try’ his hand at fixing it when you know from experience that always end in calling a plumber anyway!

Often times the issue is the flapper. Try pushing down on the flapper; listen closely to determine if the water stop running. If it does then it is the flapper. Fix try cleaning the rim that the flapper hits in the tank. So often a flapper is replaced before it needs to be. If the mineral deposits have built up from the water it can cause an unsuccessful seal which will cause water to run. Once the rim is cleaned of and the flipper seals your problem is solved. Now keep in mind if water still runs after that seal is cleaned then the flapper needs replaced to form an excellent seal my latest blog post.

If you are not comfortable with the replacement you can always call a technician at Truly Noble Services, Inc. and we will be happy to handle it for you!

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