Communication between the Client and the Contractor

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There are two types of projects run out of the Truly Noble Services office: those that run smoothly and those that do not. As a contractor you want to be on the side that runs smoothly and to ensure that you are, let’s pinpoint the one area that needs to be at the forefront of your concern; COMMUNICATION.

Many companies have long lists of agenda type items that they feel are more important than others, however, where Truly Noble Services is concerned communication is at the top of the list. Clear communication is the tenet of any relationship, especially where contract work is concerned. This is especially true with contract work; the line of communication does not begin once a property is accepted it begins from the first phone call or first email communication.

From that moment a business relationship is built, on communication and trust. When it comes to communication within Truly Noble Services we expect a contractor to contact a coordinator on a daily basis in regards to progress on an assignment. There are several different ways you can communicate with coordinators within the office, below are the two main suggestions:

Telephone: As a contractor you should have the main number to the office 972-272-2455. You should also have the direct number to your coordinator; if not look on their signature line of their email and it should be listed there. If you are still having a difficult time making contact; after calling the main number and calling your coordinator directly then contact the vendor management department.


Kristina Riggs 214-778-4081 | Gardelia Gutierrez 214-778-4026 | Sandra Escalante 214-778-4049


Please note that vendor management is only capable of taking a message for you and sending it to your coordinator. They are not able to assign, un-assign, or update property/project information for you.

Email: As a contractor you should always follow up any phone conversation with an email. Additionally, if you are not able to make contact on the phones then send your updates through email. Compose an email that has each property listed in it with detailed information. Make sure to include the fact that you attempted to call and left a message, the property address, and projected completion date. Also include any pertinent details that your coordinator will need.

Remember; open, clear, and honest communication is the building blocks for an organized and timely project.


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