Burn Every Calorie You Can; or NOT

Everyone is striving to get healthier in 2017 and burn more calories! Have you ever wondered how many calories you burn while perfecting your DIY skills at home? We have put a short list together for you in order to track your health goals along with your home maintenance and repair goals.


Chopping firewood for those unexpected Texas winters will earn you almost 350 calories per hour!


When the weather warms back up and you mow your lawn expect to burn between 300-310 calories per hour!


Preparing your windows for the winds by caulking them well will earn you at least 250 calories burned per hour!


If you get really ambitious you can begin building a fence in order to bust almost 350 calories per hour!


Climb up there and clean out those rain gutters for almost 275 calories burned!

Here at Truly Noble Services, Inc. we encourage a healthy lifestyle but keep in mind if you do not wish to bust a sweat or burn any extra calories we are happy to come do it for you! We cover all of these services and then some. As our slogan says; ‘From the Foundation to The Roof; we’ve Got You Covered’.

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