Amy Celebrates a Birthday; While Coworkers Reflect!

amy collageAmy Stamper is a veteran when it comes to the Rehab/Repair world that Truly Noble Services is involved in. She began her term 20+years ago assisting with trash outs, painting, cleaning, flood damage and restoration. She was on the ground floor assisting in every aspect of what was needed in order to ensure TNS became a success.

Now; fast forward to today,  all those years of labor have paid  off you could try this out. Truly Noble is now holding major contracts in 13 states where we are providing Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and a multitude of banks and brokers with all of their property maintenance and preservation needs. Now Amy holds the title of Director of Special Projects. this allows her to see and manage the most unique projects of all.

This month we celebrate with Amy as she celebrates a birthday! While she enjoyed time with her family and loved ones on her special day her coworkers had the opportunity to reflect on all of the projects she has overseen from beginning to completion and realize how much of an asset Amy is to this entire company.

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