5 Secrets to Make your Bathroom Appear Larger than Life!

Lavatory, powder room, restroom, or latrine; no matter what you call your bathroom, they can too often times be the tiniest areas in your entire home. However, just because it is small does not mean it cannot be the most unique area in the home either. Here are five very simple, very economical ways that you can spruce up your restroom and give some much needed space!

  • Embrace the color! I say this with a warning as well, test out your color ideas before painting your entire area. However, lean towards the brighter side of things when choosing colors. Especially in an area that has a window to illuminate the colors through the changing light direction of the day.
  • Allow the Wood to Make an Impression! Outlining your walls about a foot down from the ceiling with wooden planks allows you to have a ledge in order to hold decorations and accessories. The wood also breaks up the blandness of a wall all the same color from floor to ceiling. Breaking the color will give the hint of a larger area.
  • Drawers can double for shelves! In smaller bathrooms the sink is usually a smaller pedestal sink. In this case, install freestanding drawers that simply attach to your wall. It not only allows the storage of a drawer, but the resourcefulness of a shelf as well.
  • Love the lighting! Installing older model and often time’s outdoor lighting sources can make a huge difference. Take a stroll through your local home improvement store, clearance aisles are your friend when it comes to replacing lighting.
  • Mirrors are your friend! It has been said that mirrors make spaces look larger, well it is true. What is even better if you have the space is hanging a mirror opposite of the vanity mirror. The natural lighting from the window will then catch a mirror to bounce off of in either direction allowing for crisp lighting and larger space perception.

Now you can begin using terms like greatness, intensity, strength, and space saving when referring to your bathroom remodel. If you need any help getting supplies, painting, or craftsmanship feel free to contact Truly Noble Services and have a repair specialist come out and assist you in making your small space work for you.

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