3 Ways To Involve The Family In Order To Share Home Improvement Projects

Shut the electronics off and get those kids together in helping with home improvement projects! Children were made to get their hands dirty and what better way to do it than with the rest of the family. Here are a few tips on just how they can help with home improvement projects, and it can still be fun.


Make More Oxygen: Get everyone involved in the choosing process and plant a tree! Take a road trip to the local nursery and decide on a new addition to the yard. You can even make it even more fun and allow the children to give the tree a name, take turns watering it, and talk to it. It has been said that a hearty conversation with a budding tree makes for a hearty tree as well.


Change the Scenery: By replacing your old mulch with new moisture retentive mulch you can save on your watering bill. Using mulch around the base of your new tree will help with controlling the speed at which the water is absorbed into the soil. This will also reduce the amount of watering you have to provide which will lower the water bill. So it is a win, win, and win situation!


Prepare for a Home Emergency: It is hard for the smaller children to understand what an actual emergency is. To make it less scary make a game out of building a home emergency preparedness kit to keep in a safe spot. You can play ‘I Spy’, build a ‘scavenger hunt’, or have a ‘hunt and find mission’ in order to gather supplies for your household kit. Include items such as toilet paper, canned food, flashlights, and batteries.


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